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6 Months Free Trail *
( Excluding End of Year (EOY) Process and EOY P14, P35 E-filing )

Netpaydue.com Payroll prices: There are no hidden charges. All our charges are detailed below.

EOY Prices
End of Year (EOY) Returns and E-Filing
   No. of Employees / Subcontractors     Price
   01 - 10 employees / subcontractors    £ 70.00
   11 - 25 employees / subcontractors    £ 130.00
   26 - 50 employees / subcontractors    £ 250.00
   51 - 75 employees / subcontractors    £ 360.00
   76 - 100 employees / subcontractors    £ 500.00
   100 + employees    Price Quoted Individually

Note: £ 70 per Tax Year is NOT a per employee price but covers a whole company with up to 10 employees. The rest of the pricing is also on a per company basis. The counting of the number of employees is based on the number of P14, P38a and P38s you generate for your End of Year Return.

All prices are inclusive of all e-filing services and auto-tax code updates from DPS. 6 months free usage could turn into forever free; So long as you do not use the system to conduct your END OF YEAR (EOY) process, it will always be free. However, the moment you use the system to complete your End of Year process the charge will take effect immediately, regardless of how long you have used the system.

When Do You Need to Pay for the Service? (Invoicing) : We will only invoice you and ask you to pay us once a year when you commence your End of Year Process. The invoice is a self-help type which you will need to download from the website yourself.

Netpaydue.com IBM Payroll    Price Quoted Individually
Netpaydue.com Oracle Payroll    Price Quoted Individually
   View / Print Payslip    Free
   Email Payslip    Free
   SMS Payslip    15 Pence each
   Fax Payslip    15 Pence each

-   6 months Free Trial: for all users *
-   No notice required to quit: quit at any time without penalty
-   No minimum commitment period
-   e-Payment : Prices quoted are for payments made by credit card
    via PayPal
-   Other forms of payment, such as cheque payments, are subject to
    an additional £10 admin charge per payment
-   All prices quoted exclude VAT
-   No hidden extras

*6 MONTHS FREE TRIAL: The free trial allows you to experience how the Internet based payroll works. It enables you to run your periodical weekly or monthly pay runs, see how payslips are printed and how employees can log on to view their own payslips, see how easily you can e-file your in year P45 data and how conveniently you can conduct auto-tax code updates etc.

Important: The free trial runs on the actual live service. There is no issue regarding continuity, The free trial does not offer you free End of Year Processing, nor the e-filing of End of Year returns. At any time in any tax year, if you use the system for your End of Year Process and/or e-filing of your End Of Year Returns, you will be liable to pay the respective annual full price as listed above.

Note, if you are not completely satisfied with our service within or after the 6 months free trial period, you can abandon it completely free of charge without penalty. So long as you do not use the system for your End of Year Process or EOY e-filing, there will be absolutely no charge whatsoever as the full invoice will only be produced at the time you commence the EOY process.

With Netpaydue.com you can avoid wasting a lot of money buying a piece of software which you subsequently find is unsuitable for you.

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