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NetPayDue's Web Bureau enables you to process your Clients' payroll from any Internet point. Whether you are working from your office, home, or abroad, you can access your Clients' payroll details through a SSL secure Internet connection and process them accordingly. You no longer need to worry about installing a payroll CD or any related updates.

Client's Internet Timesheets: Once you set it up, your Clients can also log in through the Internet and directly enter their timesheets into their payroll account. This will enable you to process their payroll quickly and without costly data entry errors.

Internet payslips: When you complete the pay run and process your year to date (YTD) update, your Clients can begin to print their payslips in a PDF format on plain paper or on security payslip paper over the Internet. You may also email the payslips to them.

Comprehensive Client Management: NetPayDue also provides you with Clients' pay run status reports at a glance, whenever you log in to the system. This helps you to manage your Clients' pay runs efficiently.

Employee Payroll Accounts: Your Clients' employees can also sign in to view and print their own payslips, P60, P11D and other pay details for up to 3 years. If permitted, they can also amend their own address and emergency contact details.

Auto Tax Code Updates: Downloading of P6, P9 and other notices from the HMRC DPS is in-built into the system and this enables you to conduct highly accurate auto tax code updates for your Clients' employees.

E-filing is simple: Your End Of Year (EOY) P14 and P35 annual returns are auto-compiled and can be e-filed with just a simple click of a mouse. Similarly, your in-year P45 and P46 forms can be e-filed to the HMRC just as easily.

Excellent Quality and Stability : This package was developed by the company chairman Mr John Knight, FCA Chartered Accountant, together with a dedicated team, over the last 7 years. The payroll package has been put through more than 1,000 different accuracy and e-filing tests set by the HMRC. It passed them all without a penny deviation. The package is rock solid and reliable.

BACs payment : Your BACs payment data can also be generated from this online payroll system.

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